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  • Receive training in industry recommended property management procedures and best practices.
  • Receive training from a property management professional with 30+ years experience.
  • Four ways to learn: public classwebinarself-studyor on-site training.
  • Public class and webinar limited to four students for maximum learning.
  • Certificate issued on completion.
  • Cost: Three Day class $1999.00  Available Discounts
  • The class schedule is in the lower right column.
Property Managment Training Class
Average Rating: 4.9 out of 5 stars
Votes: 5
Reviews: 5

It has helped my knowledge.

H. K. B.

Covers all aspects of facility management.

J. K. M.

Company: Parliament of Ghana

It's great to have a small class. The (training) manual was good and helped out a lot with the class. (The instructor was) very knowledgable and cares abut the students.

C. W.

(Exercises provided) in depth componets of training manual. (Instructor was) very knowledgable in all exercises.

J. M.

Company: Federal Retirement Thrift Investment Board

The trainer found multiple ways to explain an idea and knew if the class understood the lesson. We were taught how to correct our mistakes.

R. D.

Company: Bethesda Lutheran Communities

Property Management Training Class Description

In the Property Management Course students will learn to coordinate a facility’s activities related to keeping a complex operating to enable sustainable enterprise performance through the whole life management of productive workplaces and effective business support services by encompassing the integration of business administration, architecture, and behavioral and engineering sciences to create an environment that encourages productivity, is safe, is pleasing to clients and customers, meets government mandates, and is efficient. 

 This all-encompassing course thoroughly illuminates the methods, how-to skills, equipment, and best practices of modern property management and emphasizes the practical operational aspects of sustainable property management. Topics covered include organizational structure; cultural issues associated with property/property management; career opportunities; financial, construction, and emergency management; environmental issues; HVAC, energy, and water management; green building; strategic management, and more. Throughout, chapter questions, assignments, photos, and diagrams help students deepen their understanding. These are complemented by many first-hand insights about effective property management.

Features of the Class:
Comprehensive and up-to-date—helping students master all facets of modern sustainable property management, including careers, organizational structure, cultural
issues, finance, construction management, handling emergencies, environmental issues, HVAC, energy, water, green building, strategy, and much more.

Practical, operational focus—emphasizing practical how-tos, realistic challenges, and proven solutions throughout, making this class an ideal functional course in sustainable management.

Many photos and diagrams throughout—making it easier for students to understand everything from modern equipment to best-practice processes.

Well-designed questions and assignments—promoting critical thinking.

Expert coverage of significant recent and emerging trends—including modern green rating systems, property management outsourcing, advanced facilities maintenance techniques, budgeting for green initiatives, and preventing cyber-attacks.

Contains comprehensive coverage of environmental management—including heat reclamation, chilled beam, DCV, and other ventilation/control systems; non-toxic HVAC chemicals; renewable wind, solar, photovoltaic, geothermal, hydro, and fuel cell energy sources; new lighting options; and state-of-the-art water
conservation methods, including xeriscaping.

Includes world-class examples and case studies—showcasing the world-famous sustainable design of CH2 in Melbourne, Australia, as well as the fuel cell technology used at the brand-new One World Trade Center

Property Management Class Outline

Module 1 Facility Types and Management Methods
Position of Facility Manager
Cultural Distinctions and Organizational Culture
Advancing in the Facility Management Profession
Green Building Rating Systems
The Facility Management Team Leadership
Management Methodologies
New Manager: Taking Over the Property or Facility Operation 

Module 2 Sustainable Maintenance  Operations
Work-Order System
Assigning Work Orders
Types of Work Orders
Performing Preventive Maintenance
Sustainable Maintenance
CMMS and Procurement Management
CMMS and the Preventive Maintenance Function
Property Condition Surveys

Module 3 Managing Outsourced Services
Reasons for Outsourcing Service
The Outsourcing Process
Preparing for the Outsourcing Process
Traditional Contracts for Outsourcing
Service-Level Agreements
Writing Contract Specifications
Contract Negotiations
Outsourcing Facility Management

Module 4 Financial Management and Control
Utilizing Funds
The Budgeting Process
Budget Management
Bad Budgeting Practices
The Budget as a Tool to Find Problems
Financial Management for Green Initiatives

Module 5 Construction Management and Sustainable Design
The Facility Manager’s Role In Building Construction and Remodeling
Project Personnel
Steps In Building Construction, Remodeling, and Building Improvements
Important Construction Project Steps In Detail
Construction Contracting Agreements and Processes
Additional Construction Contract and Legal Issues
Using Software to Schedule and Organize Construction Projects
Sustainable Design and Construction Parameters
Sustainable Building Construction Methods
Post Construction Maintenance Issues

Module 6 Fire and Security Systems and Disaster Prevention
Facilities Managers Facing a Disaster Event
Disaster Risk Analysis and Plan
Preventive Measures and Fire Protection Systems
Fire Sprinkler Heads
Wet-Pipe Sprinkler Systems
Dry-Pipe Systems
Specialized Fire Suppression Systems
Waterless Fire Suppression Systems
Fire Extinguishers
Containment of Fire and Smoke
Sustainable Security Management

Module 7 Facility and Global Environmental Management
Environmental Management
Property-Related Environmental Concerns
Environmental Issues Prior to Property Purchase
Lead-Based Paint
Additional Environmental Concerns
Global Environmental Concerns

Module 8 Building Systems and Controls
Managing Building Mechanical Systems
Building Control Systems
Major Components of a DDC System
Control Protocol: The Language of DDC
Comfortable and Healthy Building Environment
Air Systems for Air Supply and Movement
Ventilation Systems
Ventilation System Control Strategies
Air Exhaust Systems
Water Systems
Module 9 Major Building Equipment Systems and Subsystems
Refrigerant Cooling Basics
Water-Cooled Electric Centrifugal Chiller Systems
Chiller Energy Strategies
Cooling Tower Basics
Absorption Air-Conditioning Units
Heating and Steam Power Systems
Making Steam
Steam Heat Plants
Pretreatment of Boiler Feedwater
Managing Boiler and Cooling Tower Chemical Treatment
Condensing Boilers
Plant Sustainability
Module 10 Energy Management and Renewable Energy
Sustainable Energy Management
Power Generation and Delivery
Facility Strategies for Minimizing Power Use and Costs
Monitoring and Benchmarking Energy Rate Structures
Alternating Current Motors
Water-Sourced Heat Pumps
Renewable Energy
Power Storage and Microgrids
Fuel Cells
Module 11 Building Site Interior  and Personnel Management
Site Management
Sustainable Landscaping
Turf Maintenance
Pervious and Porous Paving
Collecting, Storing, and Purifying Rainwater
Housekeeping Safety Issues
Sustainable Housekeeping
Worker Training
Productivity of Maintenance Personnel and Formal Worker Evaluations
Module 12 Green Building Construction
Sustainable Buildings
Building Foundation and Support
Building Exterior Walls
Roof Construction and Maintenance
Common Building Problems
Active Building Exterior Management
Building Interior Construction
Passenger Conveyance
Module 13 Strategic Planning and Project Financial Analysis
Strategic Planning
SWOT Analysis and the Environmental Scan
Mind Maps
Project Financial Analysis
Churn Management/Space Planning

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Each Student Receives:

  • student manual or textbook for use during and after the class.
  • Instruction from an experienced business professional (minimum of 30 years) with at least five years in a corporate senior management position (CEO, President, COO, Vice President, CFO).
  • Real-life exercises to support training materials.
  • Individual attention (classes are limited to four students).
  • Personalized Certificate of Completion

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Property Management Training Public Class and Webinar Schedule

Wed., Thurs., and Fri.,  April 3 - 5, 2019 Full
Wed., Thurs., and Fri.,  May 8 - 10, 2019
Wed., Thurs., and Fri.,  June 5 - 6, 2019

Wed., Thurs., and Fri.,  July 10 - 12, 2019

Wed., Thurs., and Fri.,  August 7 - 9, 2019

Wed., Thurs., and Fri.,  September 4 - 6, 2019

Wed., Thurs., and Fri.,  October 2 - 4, 2019

Wed., Thurs., and Fri.,  November 6 - 8, 2019

Wed., Thurs., and Fri.,  December 4 - 6, 2019

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