What Students Are Saying...

Dear Academy of Business Training:

After completing the Train the Trainer Self-Study course, I filled out the NY State application and attached the Trainer the Trainer transcript along with a copy of the Train the Trainer table of contents.

You might be interested to know I called the NYS Department of State, Division of Licensing Services, The Bureau of Educational Standards (518-486-3803) to follow up on my application process. The Director of Education at NYS confirmed my application arrived and went over it with me to make sure everything was in place so I could get a speedy approval. 

He was very impressed with your course! He said, "This looks like a very intense course and not the usual mickey mouse course that people try and push through. I don't see any problem here and will approve it." I told him it was very intense and I highly recommend it.

E. H. R.

New York, NY

Each student receives:

  • Student Manual or textbook for use during and after the class.
  • Instruction from an experienced business professional (minimum of 30 years) with at least five years in a corporate senior management position (CEO, President, COO, Vice President, CFO).
  • Real life exercises to support training materials.
  • Individual attention through emails and, if necessary, a phone or video conference. 
  • Personalized Certificate of Completion.
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Available Online classes

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We are proud to have earned the coveted rating of A+ with the Better Business Bureau.

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How is the Interactive Self-Study different from Self-Study?

With a self-study course, you’re on your own. You study the training manual, and any other course materials, and take the exam when you’re ready. This has been shown to be a very ineffective way to learn. With an interactive self-study course, you might still study by yourself, but you’re not alone. You have an expert instructor guiding your study. There is interaction throughout the course.

How do I contact my instructor?
You can contact your instructor by email. If your question(s) cannot be answered by email, the instructor will set up a phone or video conference. 

If you are currently unemployed and want to improve your resume with additional learning, you are eligible for a 50% discount on self-study courses. Contact customer service for details and how to apply at 888-632-2093.

Email your question(s) to info@academyofbusinesstraining.com or call customer service 24/7 at 888-632-2093.

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Call us at 888-632-2093

Advantages of Self-Study

Our self-study class is for people who:

  • are unable to attend a class during regular hours or

  • are unable or unwilling to travel because of cost or time or

  • cannot miss work to attend class or

  • do not want to train with other people

Interactive Self-Study courses are easy to use, convenient, and effective. Interactive Self-Study training helps you:

  • Bring hands-on training right to your computer

  • Save travel costs and time away from the office

  • Learn at your own pace and convenience

  • Evaluate your progress with quizzes and assignments and exams.