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CelebratingMLK Day

January 21

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Communication Skills Training

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Business Writing 

This one day class concentrates on the essentials of effective business communication. The core of the class is learning to create effective business letters and emails that don't waste manager's time. We must first identify our reader's (or customer’s) needs and expectations. We look at the three different types of emails and how to choose the appropriate one. We learn techniques for achieving clarity and precision. We conclude the module by looking at letters and emails with specific goals: the sales email, the proposal, the executive summary, getting meetings, saying no gracefully, and getting people to respond to your emails. 

Grammar Workshop        

This one day class will give you the training and resources necessary to convey ideas with clarity, professionalism, and precision. The informality of e-mail, texting, and tweeting has crept deep into company communications. Good grammar is a sign of professional credibility, attention to detail, and learning ability.  

Technical Writing

The one-day Technical Writing class prepares you to create effective technical documents for both written and digital media with emphasis on technical memos, problem-solving reports, and decision-making reports. The class provides an introduction to the principles of audience analysis, research and documentation, drafting and revision processes, and readability of written texts.