The Academy of Business Training is a leading provider of short-term (3 – 5 days) college level accounting and treasury courses. We use the same textbooks as major colleges and universities. The most important difference between us and a college or university is ABT instructors have a minimum of 30 years business experience and have held a senior management position for at least 5 years in the course they are teaching. Most business school instructors come from an educational background and have very little on the job experience (remember the movie Back to School with Rodney Dangerfield).  When you take an ABT business training class you are learning from a business professional trained in facilitative learning....not educators with no experience. 

Accounts Payable                                                   

This two-day accounts payable training class will reveal today's best practices for invoice handling, checks, 1099s, e-invoicing, audits, and all the tasks of today's multi-tasking AP specialists and managers.

Accounts Receivable

This class provides an overview of the credit, collections, and accounts receivable functions for accounts receivable managers. Included are tips and techniques as well as case studies. The class shows how to streamline the credit process and how to make this area as efficient as possible.

Basic Bookkeeping

Have lots of sharp pencils on hand and be prepared to do some serious bookkeeping because we will be doing a month's worth of books for our imaginary company. The Basic Bookkeeping Class and some practice will provide you with the skills necessary to do the books for a small company. 

Certified Small Business Bookkeeper

This program prepares you for the position of a small business bookkeeper.

Certified Treasury Professional

This program presents and discusses all of the various aspects of treasury management. It covers the generally accepted principles and practices used to manage a firm's liquidity, capital, and risk management functions. As such, it also represents the body of knowledge that needs to be mastered to earn the Certified Treasury Professional (CTP) credential. The CTP certification, which is administered by the Association for Financial Professionals (AFP), serves as a benchmark of competency in the finance profession and is recognized as the leading credential in corporate treasury worldwide.

Finance and Accounting for Non-Financial Personnel

In the current environment of cut-throat competition, razor-thin profit margins, and increasing scrutiny from stakeholders, mastering the fundamentals of financial management is a must for everyone with a stake in their company's and in their own professional futures. Packed with step-by-step examples and illustrative case studies, and updated to reflect the latest trends in the economy and in financial policy, this class is a nuts-and-bolts guide for managers, entrepreneurs, seasoned executives, teachers, and students alike. 

Financial Management

This two-day class introduces the accounting principles global companies use to govern the creation of financial statements. Because of the size of the US market and the number of global companies that operate within US jurisdiction, an overview of US accounting principles and how they differ from international accounting standards is also provided. 

Introduction to Treasury Management

This three-day class introduces the various tools, techniques, and skills needed to manage an enterprise's overall financial holdings.

Principles of Cost Accounting

This five-day class packs the essentials you need to know for your future in a unique ten module format that is well organized, practical, and concise. You gain a thorough understanding of cost concepts, cost behavior, and cost accounting techniques as they apply to manufacturing and service businesses.

Risk Management

Organizations are faced with a variety of risks. These risks can be physical, financial, or both. This two-day class examines the basic concepts of risk management and general operational risks.

Working Capital (Cash) Management

One of the primary responsibilities of any treasury professional is to properly manage a firm's financial assets to ensure there is sufficient liquidity to meet current and future financial obligations in a timely and cost-effective manner. This three-day class examines industry recommended working capital management policies and best practices.

Accounting and Treasury Training

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